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Cooperation of LBG Austria with Hilfswerk Austria International

Hilfswerk Austria International – Aid, that reaches the people

Hilfswerk Austria International is one of Austria's largest host organizations for development cooperation work and humanitarian aid. As sub-organization of Hilfswerk Österreich, the commitment is geared to the principle of sustainable development and universal human rights with the aim to improve the general living conditions and prospects of people in the partner countries in a sustainable way by projects and programs. The work of the Hilfswerk Austria International is co-financed by public national and international project funding for development cooperation and emergency aid and by private donations, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility (CSR)-partnerships.

Humanitarian projects of Hilfswerk Austria International: Eastern Europe & the Balkan region, Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asia, South-, Southeast- and East Asia, Latin America, Africa. Further information: www.hilfswerk.at/hwa

LBG Austria is a longtime partner of the Hilfswerk Austria International

LBG Austria is a longtime partner of Hilfswerk Austria International and supports the humanitarian work an annual considerable contribution. We are pleased to make a small contribution to realize aid projects for people in need and wish all Hilfswerk-employees in Austria and in the partner countries a lot of strenght and success in their important work.

Hilfwerk Leiste