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Annual Financial Statements & Accounting

  • Creation of annual and interim financial statements
  • Cash basis accounting for sole proprietors
  • Handling of regular bookkeeping and cost accounting
  • Reporting for business managers, group reporting
  • Special balance sheets, statements of accounts
  • Accounting on the Internet: LBG Online, available around the clock

The continuous process of accounting throughout the year as well as the annual financial statement serve primarily to supply information to the client himself! However, this does require that the figures are informative and kept up to date throughout the course of the year. This is only possible if business transactions are accurately and thoroughly documented and continuously entered into the accounting system. In turn, this requires that the client and the tax adviser work together to identify which accounts are truly key to the company’s operations, followed by professional bookkeeping and monthly account reconciliation. The annual financial statement is the financial report on the fiscal year and also serves as the basis for calculating taxes. Many legal options must be decided on and utilised within a long-term framework - a matter of professionalism, experience and sensitivity.