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Corona virus: How do you get room for financial maneuver? Reducing advance payments for (corporate) income tax, VAT and social security contributions
Employer knowledge: Compliance with the average weekly working hours within a rolling calculation period is now mandatory for the labor inspectorate
Tax reform 2021 - 2024 | Schedule | Ministerial Council January 30th 2020
Double taxation agreement between Austria and France: Observe withholding tax obligation for foreign lecturers
Application for reduction of income tax/ corporate income tax prepayments 2019 by September 30th 2019
Amendment to the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA): Republic of Austria | Russian Federation
Don’t forget: Deadline for claiming VAT refund within the EU is September 30, 2019
Intra-Community deliveries | Triangular transactions: VAT "Quick Fixes" come into effect on January 1st 2020 – take early action!
Tax evasion: Anyone participating or assisting can be punished!
Tax reform 2020/23: Corporate tax rate will be reduced in stages from 25% to 21%
Tax reform 2020/23: compulsory assessment of limited taxable persons in two employment relationships
Tax reform 2020/23: Revised income tax law
Optimal tax planning when selling your company respectively terminating your business activity – especially in the case of existing business premises and land
Anticipatory need for action: Longer notice periods for workers from 1st of January 2021
How do you get to your money faster - minimize default risk
Design variants in crowdfunding
BREXIT - Austrian limited liability company as an alternative to the British Limited (Ltd)
Federal Ministry | Republic of Austria: Information on Brexit scenarios and the tax implications of an "unregulated" Brexit
Precautionary tax check: tax audit, financial criminal law, payroll accounting - minefields in practice
Risk Check: Economic Relations between close relatives or affiliates
Fit for talking to banks: documents, creditworthiness, balance sheet, conditions
VAT: Exercise important VAT-related options at the beginning of the year in time
Wage dumping - avoid risks: from wrong classification in collective agreement to deductions for employee contributions
Investment-related tax-free profit allowance: Eligible securities are no longer limited to mortgage bonds. For claiming 2017, investments must be carried out by December 31st.
Existence of a domestic permanent establishment at domestic „Home Office” in Austria
Energy tax rebate: question whether limitation to production enterprises is legal again before the European Court of Justice – deadline for applications for 2012 is December 31 2017
Elimination of fees on tenancy agreements in effect since 11/11/2017
Unlimited or limited tax liability – when does an individual have his/her “permanent home” for tax purposes in Austria?
Private limited company: group application forms for tax year 2017 have to be signed by December 31st at the latest
Non-profit status of an association – profit exclusion in the statutes
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