LBG Austria – our expertise and advisory at any place need us – across Austria!

We work for you with our manifold experience we gained in over 77 years! We owe five main principles to our long-term success and continuing dynamic growth: client orientation, professional knowledge, consulting skills, entrepreneurship and a team spirit across Austria!

  • Client orientation

Our daily work is to understand and identify unerringly what exactly do you expect from us in any situation. We take our time, we are reachable for you if you need us and listen to you. At the same time, we are responsible identifying alternative decisions competently, discussing with you and supporting you in decision making and the implementation. A good, trustful personal contact with is important to us. We advise you discreet, independent and in compliance with the current legislation. And – we share your happiness and are stoked and proud with you your success if we have mastered a challenge together!

  • Specialist and industry knowledge

The continuous updating and enhancement of our specialist and industry knowledge is our job! We are very busy in screening current statutory innovations, changes in administrative practices and the latest court decisions and deducing, which decisions have to be taken in your company – professional and industry-oriented. To ensure this, we are already emphasizing a solid school or university education, eager for knowledge and commitment at the selection of our staff. But education does not remain with a passed final exam: Right after the start at LBG Austria, with specialist courses at the “Academy of Chartered Accountants”, the “LBG Academy” or with relevant courses at the “WIFI”, the learning process continues. Our employees want to achieve certifications for tax consulting, audit, accounting, payroll accounting, tax administration, international tax law, property tax law, tax and financial criminal law, procedural law, taxation of associations, international accounting, labour law and social security law. We ensure the continuous professional and industry-oriented exchange by a well-structured annual education and training program at the "LBG Academy" and specialist workshops. So you can expect current specialist and industry knowledge from each of our employees!

  • Consulting skills

Our understanding of consulting skills at LBG Austria: the ability to recognize and perceive your needs and interests in a particular situation and to keep specialist and industry knowledge comprehensible at the point. We provide clarity and show you the key facts which are most important for your decisions. Unfortunately, we can not give any guarantee for a specific decision by the authorities or even a reliable estimation for further developments in tax law, business law or company law – but we do our best to take advantage for you to our tax and business consulting due to our long-time experience, our manifold network and our available information.

  • Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur you expect a clear relationship from us – this is also important to us. Which advisory service will be commissioned? Which service are we responsible for? Which tasks are you responsible for – as you wish? How can our services be useful for you? How can we organize our cooperation efficiently? You – and we, too – are interested in a fair payment for the requested work, the required qualifications and the relevant expenditure. We are happy to make you a suggestion for the estimated relevant expenditure and the costs. Of course, we will discuss your benefit (opportunities, risks) in case of extensive consulting services, support or representation at official controls and clarify the fees. Many of our clients appreciate the possibility of a continuous monthly fee cash down in the form of standing orders or debiting orders for ongoing services – let’s talk about it!

  • Team spirit across Austria

Many tax consulting companies now face the question whether to specialise in a particular field of tax law or a particular industry, or better act as generalists on the market. Both ways mean compromises for clients. A specialisation in a particular field of tax law endangers the important wide range of the field, in particular for the advice of family businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises and liberal professions. With specialisation in only one industry, the experience of similar solutions in other industries is often missing. LBG Austria uses the best of both opportunities for you due to our manifold daily tasks for clients in different industries and the generated experience, because “we are many”. We exchange our expertise and industry knowledge constantly for you regionally and across Austria and develop in cooperation of our consultants in the region and our specialists in LBG Competence Center “Tax & Accounting Law” creative solutions for you – wherever you request for it in Austria.