Information, Communication, Entertaintment, Creative Economy


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this is a cross-section of our clients from the LBG business field "Information, Communication, Entertainment, Creative Economy” with a diverse range in the field of tax and business consulting, accounting and our services.

Tax & Business Consulting

  • Business Establishment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Valuation.
  • Selection of the legal form of the company: limited liability company, stock company, partnership, individual company, private foundation, company group, branch, …
  • Advice on change of legal form and reorganization
  • Tax Optimization of real estate transactions, including tax due diligence ...
  • Tax returns, legal remedies, … taking into account the numerous specific provisions in the field of “Information Communication, Entertainment, Creative Economy”

Financial Statements

  • Preparation of annual and interim financial statements according Austrian Law, IFRS.
  • Financial Reporting.
  • Statutory and voluntary audits.

Accounting, Cost Accounting, Profit-Center-Reporting

  • accounting, cost accounting
  • payment transactions, dunning
  • monthly reporting
  • monthly VAT declarations

Payroll accounting, Labor Law, Social Insurance, Wage Taxes

  • Monthly payroll accounting
  • tax declaration, social insurance declarations
  • Payroll slip, payment transactions
  • calculation of personnel costs, Employee cost allocation to profit/cost-centers
  • advice in the area of ​​labor law, social insurance, wage tax, expatriates
  • HR Reporting

Business Software & Company Organization

  • We offer proven business software, implementation, training of employees and are your partner in the establishment as well as development of your commercial organization and digital data transfer.

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