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Outsourcing Payroll Accounting in Austria - We advise you in all employment matters

Many companies have already outsourced the management of monthly payroll accounting to LBG. We currently calculate the wages and salaries for around 33,000 employees of our customers - month by month. For a wide range of industries and a wide range of company sizes: Many of our customers are small and medium-sized companies and employ 5, 10 or 20 people. However, numerous customers with 100 - 500 employees have also decided to outsource payroll accounting to us. The largest employers we advise employ more than 1,000 people.

Our customers' motives for outsourcing payroll accounting to us are diverse. The complexity of labor law, wage tax and social security issues as well as the various ancillary wage costs that have to be resolved on an ongoing basis are probably very important motives. Questions such as whether there is a real employment relationship, a freelance employment relationship or a work contract have be answered. Moreover, what to do in the case of vacation, sick leave, maternity, educational leave, partial retirement, short-time work, part-time, seasonal work and much more. Understanding the applicable collective agreement and employment relationship regulations from the beginning and upon termination are also very important. And of course we take care of all official traffic and represent you competently if you have any doubts. Daily work includes fixed and variable remuneration components, remuneration in kind, diets, travel expenses, working time models, questions of time and performance recording, the maintenance of the digital wage set portal, HR reporting, etc. - everything that is involved in employee employment.

At LBG Austria, over 100 highly qualified employees deal with all of these challenges almost “around the clock”: qualified personnel accountants, certified labor and social insurance experts as well as lawyers, business economists and tax consultants who are familiar with employer issues.

You decide to what extent you commission us! Build on our specialist knowledge and experience that we have gained in more than 80 years of working for companies in Austria.

You can find details of our comprehensive consulting and services in the overview of the "LBG Business Field Employer Consulting & Payroll Accounting"

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October 16th, 2020 I LBG 

Contact & Advice: This information naturally shows basic aspects of the topic - for completeness and correctness no guarantee can be given despite careful preparation. LBG will gladly advise you in your individual situation. Please contact one of our 31 Austria-wide locations ( or - we will gladly bring you together with one of our experts, who is very familiar with your request.