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Gerd Medlin

Gerd Medlin

Nació en Mödling/Lower Austria

certified public accountant (Austria)
tax advisor
business Consultant


+43 (1) 53105-1625

LBG sede: Wien-Landstraße

Sucursal de LBG: Wolfsberg

LBG Steuerberatung GmbH
1030 Vienna,
Boerhaavegasse 6
LBG Kärnten
Steuerberatung GmbH

9400 Wolfsberg,
Johann-Offner-Straße 28

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Responsibilities & Functions

  • Partner & Managing Director of LBG Steuerberatung GmbH as well as LBG Kärnten Steuerberatung GmbH
  • Director of the branch office in Wolfsberg/Kärnten

Professional Activities

  • tax, accounting, business consulting
  • lecturer in the field of tax law, accounting and business administration

Professional Relevant Functions

  • Member of the LBG Expert Group "Health Care & Life Sciences"
  • Member of the Austrian Chamber of Public Accountants and Tax Advisors
  • Member of the Vienna Economic Chamber

Languages: German, English


  • Study of Economic Sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Professional Qualifications

  • Tax Advisor
  • Certified Public Accountant (Austria)
  • Business Consultant

Professional Experience

  • Since 2012 at LBG Austria in tax and business consulting, focus on pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies
  • 3 years experience in finance of an international tourism group
  • 12 years experience in a tax advising firm
  • 2 years experience in banking and financing