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We have clear goals

We have a deep passion for what we daily do for you!

Our employees have consciously decided on LBG and on what they daily do for our clients. Because our daily work is just not a job, it’s the dedication for a skilled profession associated with the passion to successfully realize expertise, industry know-how and experience for our clients in the daily business. We work on three clear company targets:

  • Enthusiastic customers who recommend us again and again with pleasure.

    If we do a good job – if our client orientation, our expertise and consulting competence, our entrepreneurial behavior and our team spirit throughout Austria meet expectations – is in the end decided by each and every of our clients. That is why we give our best for you every day and are thus grateful if we receive a fair feedback in order to consequently work on improving our services. If you appreciate our services we are happy. And if you recommend us it is a huge compliment and thus a clear motivation boost in the whole LBG-team. That way we know that we are on the right way!
  • Enthusiastic employees who like to work at LBG.

    Management and employees are aware that our joint success also calls for joint efforts regarding an attractive nationwide company culture. Important criteria, which we all aim for every day, are: credibility and integrity in the management, respect in our daily teamwork, recognition, support and balance, fairness, pride on personal activity and achievements within the team and the whole company. A motivating working atmosphere and real team spirit throughout Austria – for which everyone of us is daily jointly responsible. LBG ensures the necessary framework.
  • Authorities and business partners, who appreciate professional work for our clients.

    Professionalism, personal integrity and trust are especially important criteria in our business for long-lasting success. Reliable competent acting, secrecy and independence in the interest of our clients are important to us. If authorities, banks and other important business partners of our clients trust in our professionalism and competent work finally every client will benefit – thus, things just run smoother.

    Our growth, our professional reputation and our solid business activities are the pleasing result of our efforts to achieve those three company targets in an optimal way.