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Studies, Benchmarks

  • Achievable standard income and profitability in Austrian agriculture and forestry
  • Expert reports and studies on agricultural economic issues
  • Assessment of agricultural and forestry own consumption, benefits in kind and editing services
  • Yield disadvantages after damage events
  • Assessment related to expropriation
  • Development of the agricultural price index as a tool for monitoring agricultural and forestry producer prices and for contractually securing indexes, in particular lease fees
  • Seminars, lectures, workshops

Volatile market and price developments will have an even greater impact on the economic framework in Austrian agriculture and forestry in the future. Questions about the profitability of the company, the specific operational management, but also about the agricultural and forestry household and its consumption are becoming increasingly important.

Our clients for the purpose of reimbursing expert reports, technical opinions, data collection, yield calculations, statistics, extrapolations, comparative calculations and benchmark analyzes are private and public institutions, companies as well as private experts and court experts with specific tasks.

Contact: More than 500 experienced employees are at your disposal at 32 LBG locations throughout Austria. Please contact us via e-mail . We are happy to provide you with the best LBG consultants for your needs.